Ebony Repertory Theatre: Established 2007
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Ebony Repertory Theatre (ERT), a newly formed Equity Company, is the Resident Company and Operator of the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, under the leadership of Founder/ Producer Wren T. Brown and Artistic Director Israel Hicks. ERT's commitment is to bring diverse, high standard, professional performing arts to the Mid-City community, as well as the greater Los Angeles area, to engender business development along the Washington Boulevard corridor, and to make the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center Los Angeles' Newest Cultural Destination!


Historians record facts and events; scholars analyze and interpret them; but it’s left to the artist to seek the truth, hold it up as a mirror so that society can see itself for what it is as well as what it can become. The role of the artist is to provoke, confront, agitate, inspire and ultimately appeal to our more honorable instincts. We may look to our Generals to lead us in war but we rely on our poets to provide the foundation for sustaining the peace. The role of the artist is to empower the weak while challenging the powerful; to provide hope in times of despair; to recognize beauty in those most despised; and to celebrate life in the middle of all that is dying. Our artists give us a context for our struggle and a roadmap toward our triumph. They instill a belief that we not only can endure but overcome. The artist must be valued, protected and nurtured in order for the individual as well as the larger community to maximize their full potential.


The mission of the Ebony Repertory Theatre (ERT) is to create, develop, nurture and sustain a world- class professional theatre rooted in the experience of the African Diaspora and shaped by a dynamic perspective that incorporates an understanding of, and respect for, the unique African- American journey to freedom.


  • To provide a permanent home for artists of color that enables those artists to explore, experience and present a wide-ranging variety of dramatic programs that reflect the significant canon of African-American literary, artistic and cultural achievements;
  • To provide a nurturing environment and working laboratory for these artistic collaborators and seek to build and expand a multicultural audience that contributes to the cultural understanding among people of diverse backgrounds; and
  • To be recognized as an innovative theatre for the exploration of the African-American experience and its connection to and impact upon other cultural groups and institutions.


  • Wren T. Brown, Founder/ Producer
  • Israel Hicks, Artistic Director